The aim of the subject is to provide students with comprehensive information about following (below stated) topics. 

  • financial markets,
  • investing process,
  • investment instruments (stocks, bonds, alternatives),
  • investment vehicles (mutual funds, ETFs),
  • fundamental analysis on the macroeconomic, sector and microeconomic levels,
  • selected indicators of technical analysis,
  • theory of market effectiveness,
  • Markowitz and portfolio construction basics.

Each topic would be discussed at the seminars with emphasize on actual development on the markets, also in the context of actual macro trends.

The aim of the course is to provide comprehensive knowledge in the field of marketing. To familiarize students with the principles of creating a marketing strategy, marketing plan, and individual parts of the marketing mix. The course provides practical guidance on the application of marketing practices in practice. The course includes a marketing game that is taught in computer labs and allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to a fictional practice.