Dear students, wellcome in course Business and Enterpreneurship. The aim of the course is to give students a comprehensive insight into the business and entrepreneurship by studying basic typology of enterprises, production factors and business processes. During theoretical part of the subject students get an overview of the evaluation of business operations and financial management of the company. The practical part of the course aims to familiarize students with the business in its early stages. After completing the whole course, students will be familiar with the process of creating business idea to the establishment and operation of a new business (start-ups, spin-offs). Students will become familiar with the critical analysis of business ideas, creating the initial budgets, business strategies, marketing and human resources. The aim of the course is also to introduce students to available funding opportunities: start-up and spin-off companies from domestic and foreign sources, as well as other available forms of support for start-ups focused on further growth and development. Seminars consist of the case studies and solving of numerical examples.